Betaine HCL 95%
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Betaine HCL 95% Betaine HCL 95%


Betaine HCL 95%


Molecular formula: C5H11NO2•HCl 
CAS: 590-46-5 
EINECS: 209-683-1 
RTECS: BP3136000 
Executive standard: Q/370911THW 010-2016 
Appearance:White to light yellow crystallinity granule 
Effective constituent: Betaine≥95.0%
Packaging: net weight 25KG/ bag, Quantitative packing by plastic bag inside and woven bag outside 
Suggested usage: The commended adding quantity of compound feed (KG/T) swine0.3-1.0, egg-fowl 0.2-0.7, meat and poultry 0.3-1.0, fish 1.0-3.0, special aquatic product 2.0-3.0 
Storage condition: Placing at the ventilated, non-polluted and drying storeroom, avoid pollution 
Manufacturer: HAVAY



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